Using epoxy resin to take your woodworking projects to the next level certainly isn’t new. In fact, the process dates back to the early 1930s. However, DIY enthusiasts have rediscovered their love of epoxy resins in conjunction with natural wood finishes in the last few years, leading to a variety of options for any type of wood project.

There has been a recent trend among people who want to build their own furniture making those pieces an epoxy project. One such example is a river table. In these projects, you simply take a solid piece of wood and use a saw to cut a “valley” into it. Then, you pour your epoxy resin into the valley, using whatever color choice you have selected. Pour the colored resin into the groove, and then sand it smooth once everything is dried, and you’ll have a beautiful table.

If you’re more interested in smaller projects, you can also create beautiful, intricate pieces of jewelry using wood and epoxy resin. Simply cut your pieces of wood to the size that you desire (this will vary depending on the type of jewelry), and then create a small hole or groove that you want to fill with your epoxy resin. You’ll have your own unique jewelry piece and resin project.

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