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Sonoff transmits data to a cloud platform through the WIFI router, which enables users to remotely control all the connected appliances, via the mobile application eWeLink.

It is a basic and affordable WIFI smart switch that provides users with smart home control. It is a remote control power switch that can connect to a wide range of appliances. It allows you to remote control your lights or home appliances outdoor.

Yes, Sonoff devices can work without an active internet connection. … LAN Mode enables Sonoff devices to be controlled directly on the local network using a WebSocket connection on port 8081.

Sonoff Basic R2 Smart Switch, works with Alexa, Smart Home Devices Works with Google Home and IFTTT, No Hub is required, Easy installation, App and Voice control, DIY For Home Automation (2 pack)

SONOFF ZigBee Bridge is the heart of smart home that enables you to remotely manage a variety of ZigBee devices and sensors for monitoring and control purposes of home, and allows you to create smart scenes to make Wi-Fi and ZigBee smart devices communicate to access a smarter home and control them all using the

Sonoff is a brand of low cost (£5) Wi-Fi switches that can be used for controlling mains powered devices like lights, pumps, heaters etc. They consist of the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Chip plus additional circuitry. and are made by ITEAD Studio based in China ,who also make a collection of home automation products.