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The process of using the condensation and curing of epoxides dates back to 1934. Over the course of the last several decades, people have figured out how to combine epoxy with a hardener to create everything from breathtaking art work to mechanisms that are used in aerospace engineering.

Epoxy is considered a thermosetting chemical, which means that once it cures, there is no way to undo that curing. That is to say, once the epoxy has reached it’s peak level of hardness, there is no way to undo it without completely destroying it. Epoxides in general are incredibly active with other chemicals, which makes the hardening component of epoxy resins such a crucial part of the equation.

In the commercial world, epoxy resins are very popular in the world of wastewater. Thanks to the reactions that take place when epoxy comes in contact with essentially any other chemical, wastewater specialists rely heavily on it.

In the home setting, DIY enthusiasts have become even more fond of epoxy over the last few years. In addition to the ability to use epoxy resin as a protective coating on virtually any surface, it can also be used to create beautiful pieces of art and home décor.

Many epoxy kits now come with color packets, or they can be purchased separately. These color packets can be added into the epoxy mixture, giving the final product a bold and vibrant color. When mixed into woodwork or other DIY components, the results can be stunning.

Epoxy Resin Systems for Sale Online in South Africa