Solar Batteries For Sale Online in South Africa

Solar batteries are designed to absorb and store power created by the sun and then produce the stored energy when needed. These pv batteries are commonly used in off grid settings when existing solar panels have reached their capacity of stored solar power. The batteries can create an energy reserve for the excess power, ensuring that you don’t run out of power when the panels’ energy has been expended.

There are differences in the type of these pv batteries that should be considered, though. AGM batteries are highly dependent on the depth of their discharge. That is to say that the battery has fewer cycles when it has been discharged at a greater depth. Conversely, lithium ion batteries boast a longer life cycle, as they are not as dependent on discharge depth. Knowing what you want from your battery plays a large part when choosing between lithium ion and AGM batteries.

As these batteries will be used as a backup source of power, it is vital that you know how much time you plan on using the batteries. The amount of time that the power stored in the batteries will be viable is determined by the battery’s Ampere Hour rating, or Ah rating.

Making the decision about your purchase of pv batteries is contingent on a number of factors. The climate where you plan on using the batteries also has to be considered, as extreme cold can have a negative impact on both AGM batteries and lithium ion batteries. Whatever your battery of choice is, we are your best choice for solar batteries for sale online in South Africa.

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