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Inverters for sale online in South Africa

Inverters are powered devices that work by converting direct current into alternating current. Contrary to popular belief, the inverter itself does not generate any power. Instead, it uses the direct current, or DC, to operate before converting that power into alternating current, or AC. At its very core, an inverter does to direct current what it cannot do for itself. To change from DC to AC, the source of the DC would have to be able to reverse the current completely 50 or more times per second. The only way to make that happen is by applying an inverter which makes the switch for the source.

Typically, an inverter is used for residential purposes as emergency power backups. They can also be used in some aircrafts to convert a portion of the aircraft’s power from DC to AC.

Similarly, solar inverters, which are also known as PV-inverters, change the DC of a photovoltaic solar panel into AC. Solar inverters are a much more specialized option, and can be used in wide-scale power grids. If a neighborhood or municipality runs on solar energy, the panels that they operate off of probably have a solar inverter that is used to convert the solar energy from DC to AC. They are also highly favored by people who choose to live an off grid lifestyle.

While a standard inverter is a relatively simplistic piece of machinery, a solar inverter does have more components and functions, such as anti-islanding protection and maximum power point tracking which is designed specifically to work with PV arrays.

The type of inverter that you need is contingent on what you are planning to do with it, as a standard inverter will not be compatible with solar panels. However, whatever your reason for needing an inverter is, we provide all the inverters for sale online in South Africa that you will need