Borehole Inverter For Sale Online in South Africa

A borehole is defined as a narrow hole that is bored into the ground either horizontally or vertically. Boreholes have multiple purposes, including water drainage, cleaning up oil or gas spills, mineral exploration, temperature measurement, and geotechnical investigations. Boreholes can also be used to store unwanted, unsafe materials below the earth’s surface, installing geothermal utilities, or for installing piers.

Borehole drilling goes back to the Han Dynasty in China between 200 BC and 206 AD. The methodology was so well done, that not much changed between then and when the method started being used in the United States during the 1860’s to get petroleum from the ground.

In most residential cases, the most common use of borehole inverters is when they are used for drilling a well to tap into a natural source of nearby water. In these cases, a pipe is placed vertically into the ground along with a screen that ensures that the newly drilled hole won’t collapse under the weight of the earth above it or due to changes in the pressure around it. The screen also serves as a filter that keeps any sort of dirt or other contaminants from entering the pipe, and in turn lessening the quality of water.

For home’s that are tapping into a source of natural gas or oil, a similar process is completed, but due to the nature of the substance being taken from the earth, there are more technical aspects.

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