CCTV Cameras For Sale Online in South Africa

Closed circuit television, often referred to as CCTV, has long been popular because it gives people the opportunity to see what is going on in and around their home and business even when they are not there. Closed circuit television cameras can not only provide a life feed of what is going on at a particular location, but some models also have the ability to record and store footage for a given period of time.

The type of system you order will dictate how your system works. The two most common types of cameras that are found in these systems are Analog and IP based. Both types work differently and offer completely unique services.

Many businesses have relied on the use of closed circuit televisions for years, but have recently begun the transition to systems that store the footage that the CCTV camera records for 90 days or more. These stored videos can be turned over to local authorities in the event of theft or other criminal investigation.

The same benefits that a CCTV camera provides for businesses are just as applicable in the home DIY setting. Fortunately, a closed circuit television system is a relatively simple setup that allows you to monitor any part of your property by placing cameras in strategic locations and connecting them to the monitors. The most important thing to remember is that monitors for your closed circuit television system are not interchangeable with a standard TV set.