Spindle Motors For Sale Online in South Africa

In the world of machine tools, spindle motors operate by using a shaft, which is found at the heart of the spindle that operates through a rotating axis of the machine. While the shaft itself is technically a spindle, in shop-floor settings the word often refers to the entire unit that is being used to cut wood or metal.

Most commonly in woodworking, spindle motors are found on a lathe. In these machines, a block of wood is placed between two ends of the lathe and rotates at a speed that can be controlled either by a knob on the lathe or by a foot pedal. As the wooden block spins, chisels are applied to the block of wood allowing the artisan to cut different designs into the wood or reshape it completely.

Metalwork also relies on high-speed rotating machines that run on spindle motors. However, unlike a wood lathe, the spindle is attached to the drill bit or the metal cutter that is actually being used to reshape or cut the metal into its desired shape.

Spindles come in a variety of options including low speed spindles, high speed spindles, electric spindles, grinding spindles, and machine tool spindles. The type of spindle that you will need for your project is largely dependent on both the type of material you will be cutting and the amount of changes you plan on making to your medium of choice.

Spindle Motors For Sale Online in South Africa

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