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Motor drivers are an integral part of various mechanical devices. With the right driver, you will be able to control speed and obtain accurate rotation angles. You can achieve quick acceleration and response with the motor while also generating high torque. you can expect one of these motors to hold their position at a stop when needed, too, thanks to their unique mechanical design. You will want to look through the specifications of the available motor drivers to ensure that you find one that meets the needs of.

Motor require high amount of current whereas the controller circuit works on low current signals. So the function of motor drivers is to take a low-current control signal and then turn it into a higher-current signal that can drive a motor.

Motor drives are circuits used to run a motor. In other words, they are commonly used for motor interfacing. These drive circuits can be easily interfaced with the motor and their selection depends upon the type of motor being used and their ratings (current, voltage).

Motor Driver circuits are current amplifiers. They act as a bridge between the controller and the motor in a motor drive. Motor drivers are made from discrete components which are integrated inside an IC. The input to the motor driver IC or motor driver circuit is a low current signal. The function of the circuit is to convert the low current signal to a high current signal. This high current signal is then given to the motor. The motor can be a brush-less DC motor, brushed DC motor, stepper motor, other DC motors etc.

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