CNC Controller For Sale Online in South Africa

An acronym for computer numerically controlled, CNC controllers are used to operate processes and machines. Depending on the complexity of the controller itself, these devices can be used to control everything from simple Point A to Point B linear machine operations to highly complex algorithms with multiple axes of control. CNC controllers can also be retrofit to be applicable to a wide variety of tools that are used in a machine shop.

Instead of buttons and levers that are used to operate most types of machines, CNC controllers operate through a computer that all of the operational buttons are plugged into. The controller decides how to send the commands through an internal circuit board with software or through a couple of scripted actions that are created in a Computer Assisted Design, or CAD program.

CNC controllers are most commonly used in repetitive work. These highly detailed controls allow for the same task to be performed in a uniform manner over and over again at a high rate of speed while also ensuring that the specs of the finished project are controlled down to a fraction of an inch.

These controllers have plenty of application in DIY projects, as well, most commonly in automotive repair. Having the ability to create custom made pieces can make automotive repair performed in a home garage even easier. Outside of work and manufacturing, CNC controllers have also gained popularity in the art community, as computer controlled machines can create even more detailed pieces of work.

CNC Controller For Sale Online in South Africa

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