Ball Screws For Sale in South Africa

Ball screws, commonly used in the world of robotics, are used as linear, mechanical actuators that work to convert rotational motion into linear motion. Since these screws are available in several different sizes, they are able to withstand a variety of different amounts of thrust which greatly reduces the amount of friction within the robotic housing. Instead of requiring an additional nut, the ball on the end of the screw serves as the nut while the threaded shaft is the screw.

However, there are also options without threads on the shaft in these screws. This option is made up of three or more rolling-ring bearings which are attached symmetrically around the shaft of the screw. The bearings, which are set at different angles to the rod, dictate the amount of linear motion that the rod produces on each revolution. This thread-less options have an advantage over their threaded counterparts, as the bearings greatly reduce the risk of backlash which can be caused by the threads and nuts on the traditional screws.

The ball screw, which has been around since 1898 can be found in a wide variety of areas that range from every day use to specialized military items. The power steering feature in vehicles while also being an integral part of aircrafts and missiles. These versatile screws can also be found in machine tools and assembly equipment.

In addition to their versatility, a ball screw is also significantly more efficient than a lead screw of the same size. Those lead screws come with an efficiency rating between 20 and 25 percent, while a ball screw boasts an efficiency rating of approximately 90%.

No matter what you need a ball screw for, be it a robotic hobby, a major home project, or something in the workplace, you can find quality ball screws for sale online in South Africa.

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