Ball Screw Supports For Sale Online in South Africa

Once they have been put into place, ball screws are considered to either be suspended or fixed. An end that is supported does not react to any sort of movement, including bending because the angle that is found between the screw’s axis and the rotary bearing increases.

A fixed end is able to react to movement without actually movement, thanks in part to the bearing support. Essentially, the two rotary bearings that are responsible for both the rotation and the stability of the ball screw are spaced far enough apart that the screw is able to remain perpendicular to the planes of the rotary bearing.

Screws with a fixed end provide a litany of benefits, most notably greater critical speed and significantly more stability. Instead of a suspended screw that is able to move, and can in turn lose critical speed, a bearing support is able to keep the ball screw in the perfect condition to complete the desired task.

There are many different positions that ball screws can be found in, and the ball screw support is such a vital part of making sure that your ball screw is in the spot that you need it. Ball screws can be supported on both ends, either end, or fixed into place on one end and supported on the other. The number of ball screw supports that you need for your DIY project is contingent on what you need your ball screw to do.

Ball Screw Supports For Sale Online in South Africa

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