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When you’re building a 3D printer, a cutter, or anything else, it’s critical that you have guide rails. It’s what the motor follows in order to produce whatever you have programmed. Without the rails, you cannot fully operate your device. As you shop for guide rails, you will want to consider what you need in regards to the length of the rails, the height and width of them, as well as the weight. When you choose good quality rails, it ensures that you get the technical specifications that you’re relying on. At DIY Geek, we have you covered with linear guide rails, rail carriages, and more.

Most factories use them to convey products and component parts along an assembly line. This conveyor system propels products of various sizes, shapes, and dimensions through the factory over the course of their assembly.

Accessory to a power tool, such as a straight, swivel or angle jig for a circular saw, and can also referred to as a fence. The guide rail system provides an acute method of cutting material.

They are part of the inner workings of most elevator and lift shafts, functioning as the vertical, internal track. The guide rails are fixed to two sides of the shaft; one guides the elevator car and the other for the counterweight. In tandem, these rails operate both as stabilization within the shaft during routine use and as a safety system in case of emergency stops.