Aluminium Profiles For Sale Online in South africa

Building superior equipment requires quality parts that fit together well and work reliably.  We are committed to designing modular solutions that can be customized to fit even the most unique requirements.

Our aluminium extrusions make it possible to construct just about anything our customers can imagine. That’s the advantage to working with reliable material that’s designed for flexibility such as extruded aluminium.

Why aluminium extrusions?

Extrusion is a process used to push or pull material through a cast or die of a specific cross-sectional pattern to create a uniform profile.

Since aluminium is a strong, recyclable and when anodized can keep rust at bay, it’s perfect for use when building structures, equipment, frames or anything else that is required to be sturdy and reliable.

The great thing about t slot extruded aluminium is that it’s modular so you can easily add to a profile, remove what’s no longer needed or even re-position workstation set-ups easily. That reduces the need to buy new set-ups when changes take place and saves money for other areas of the business. This flexibility is a leading reason so many manufacturers are choosing it as a build option over welded steel. The ability to quickly react to changing business needs is critical in today’s demanding, fast paced market.

With t-slot profiles, there is a “t” shaped track of negative space that allows pieces to interlock and secure in place without the need to weld or attach joints using other methods. Once in place, fasteners, nuts, locks and other items are then used to keep the pieces together to form your modular build.

Aluminium Profiles For Sale Online in South africa