Guide to casting solvent free epoxy systems

Rev07/20 GreenCast 160, Surf Clear EVO, GreenPoxy 33 GreenCast 160 – Bio-based, water clear, UV stable epoxy for thick castings River tables, clear epoxy sculptures and encapsulations, wood and resin combinations such as furniture, chopping/serving boards and large pen blanks. Surf Clear EVO – Bio-based, water clear, UV stable epoxy for thin castings and coatings […]

Top 15 Best Arduino Projects That You Can Build Right Now

If you’re an avid electronics lover like me, who loves to play with complex components to forge something unique out of them, welcome to this guide. Today, we are outlining 15 best Arduino projects to boost your eclectic journey into the magical field of electronics realism. Arduino, as you should know already, is a cheap electronic board that lets you build not only complex but also one of a kind electronic systems. You can program these systems pretty easily, thanks to Arduino’s implementation of an effective programming environment. Enough with the chit-chats, let us delve right into this list of best Arduino projects for you to build this year.

A Shout Out to Grout

A Shout Out To Grout It’s not as sexy as a chalkboard paint project or as versatile as your crescent wrench, but grout deserves a little respect as a home maintenance staple. Grout is the paste-like material that is forced in-between your tiles, and it’s responsible for holding your tile patterns in place, protecting them […]